TPM is proud to announce Tyler Sarfert as the newest member of our musical family

TPM is proud to announce Tyler Sarfert as the newest member of our musical family

​Tyler Sarfert was born into a house of music, spending his youth listening to his father and two brothers play the guitar. After learning to play the drums, xylophone, piano, and guitar, Tyler began writing his own songs. As his repertoire of original music expanded, Tyler was held back financially from going to a studio. He solved this dilemma by investing in his own recording equipment and taught himself how to use it. 

Last December, Tyler used his newly learned skill to record, mix and master an entire Christmas EP he calls Ornamental Melodies. In February of 2014, he released another single and in March 2014, he played his first show.

Through all of this, Tyler has made it clear his hard work is for more than just personal gain. At a recent school assembly for 5th graders he spoke of the importance of making good choices.  

“I have seen lives change because how powerful (music) can be,” Tyler says. “I’m thankful for every opportunity I get to play somewhere and share what I love.”

Tyler’s exceptional talent and dedication is obvious to anyone who's had the pleasure of hearing his music. More important is the passion that is apparent in every stroke of the piano key, every strum of his guitar and every note he sings. 

“Music has been my life since I was ten, and it will continue to be my life until I can’t move anymore.” 

Here at The Project Matters we look forward to helping Tyler in his musical journey.


Date Posted : 2014-09-18 06:05:17

Submitted By : Alicia Raeburn