Sean Hurwitz brings his expertise and generosity to TPM


There are few 90’s radio listeners who could not recount some fond memories involving the rock band Smash Mouth playing at the forefront of them. In the two decades since the band first landed themselves on the musical radar with their hit singles “Walking on the Sun” (1997) and “All star” (1999), Smash mouth has carried on a reputation for a fun and talented rock band. They are currently traversing the country on their “Under The Sun” tour and will be stopping off on Friday in New Jersey.


The anticipation of what will surely be a fantastic live performance this weekend is mingling with the high running emotions of gratitude and excitement for The Project Matters. Sean Hurwitz, the lead guitarist for Smash Mouth, is making a side trip over to Lakehouse Recording studios in Asbury Park where he will be officially handing over two of his personal guitars for The Project Matter’s newest initiative: Guitar Days.


Since the organization was created in 2010, The Project Matters has been dedicated to helping young musicians (under the age of 21) to pursue their musical careers. The Guitar Days initiative serves as a passing of the torch for guitarists. Donated new and gently used guitars will be collected and then donated to an aspiring musician selected by The Project Matters. After hearing about The Project Matters, Sean Hurwitz contacted the organization and offered to get involved. Aside from the guitar donation, Sean has signed on to donate his time, energy, and expertise to fellow musicians as a mentor.


Sean recently took the time to sit down with some folks from The Project Matters and discuss his path through music and what it has meant to him. The honest glimpse into the guitar players’ view of the industry and his choices surrounding it are inspiring and heartfelt. Sean explains the difficulty of getting into the music business and what has helped him to achieve the level of success that he know enjoys.


His advice to young guitarists? Make connections, work other aspects of the industry, and stay aware of the process. He says this “whatever it takes” mindset was ingrained in him throughout his life growing up in Israel but he didn’t put a name to it until his manager at Guitar Center gave a speech on it. “My manager at the time, and a dear friend these days, Mr. Jason Crane…he gave us that speech about the “Whatever It Takes” attitude. Go ahead, ask me what the speech was about…I have no idea! All I remember were those words, and that attitude, that frame of mind. LEARN it, OWN it, Get Inspired to BE it! You CAN get anything you want in life…just  understand that sometimes it takes everything you’ve got…” Here at The Project Matters, we couldn’t agree more. By donating his guitars and signing on as a mentor, Sean is providing young musicians with the tools and wisdom to do “whatever it takes.”

Date Posted : 2014-07-23 11:05:41

Submitted By : Alicia Raeburn