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Jersey Music Rising

The Project Matters is currently sponsoring, Tyler Sarfert, a fabulous young musician from New Jersey. In the past, we have sponsored the brilliant Thomas Wesley Stern, and talented brother sister duo Justin and Alina.

New Jersey youth has exceptional musical talent, and like many budding artists lack resources and need the most help. From guitar strings to the guitar to put them on, we offer support on many levels to help them along the way. The Project Matters help. . . . . .

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Guitar Days new Biggest Fan


There are few 90’s radio listeners who could not recount some fond memories involving the rock band Smash Mouth playing at the forefront of them. In the two decades since the band first landed themselves on the musical radar with their hit singles “Walking on the Sun” (1997) and “All star” (1999), Smash mouth has carried on a reputation for a fun and talented rock band. They are currently traversing the country on their “Under The Sun” tour and will be stopping off on Friday in New Jersey.


The anticipation of what will surely be a fantastic live performance this weekend is mi. . . . . .

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